Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Sac of Potatoes

Ellie and I have a routine where we take a few hours each night to cuddle up and watch TV, or me watching her snore up a storm in my lap.. and not too soon after, I follow suit as well :)

And after some time goes by, I wake up from the best nap ever and find that the little buttmunch is missing.
Hmm.. wait.  Before I go on, let's go over her nicknames - she has many.  Alot of the names are really silly, and makes no phonetic sense.. but my favourite would have to be "a sac of potatoes".  So picture a big bag of potatoes.  Once you drop them on the floor, they roll sideways or flat and they pretty much don't budge much.  Try picking them up, and for sure, you need two hands.. and maybe even haul it over your back for some support.  Yup, that's the lazy little girl.  I'm talking about Ellie by the way, but I sure can be like that too - hehe.

So where could the little rascal be... and of course the first thing that pops in mind first.. did she make an accident?!  .. all while frantically feeling the carpet for wet spots or hidden surprises around the corner.. :X
She's a year old now, and potty-trained well.  So we're safe.
But it's too quiet in the living room.. and she's not in the kitchen, or the bathroom, or the second room.. which means.... UhOh:

Caught red-handed in my room, on my bed!
Sigh.. but looking at her smug grin as she sprawls across the whole bed in deep can't stay mad long :)

Sleep tight, baby sac! <3


  1. Hi! Thanks for following us on our blog!

    You sure do look comfy on the bed - we're lucky because Mum and Dad let us sleep on the bed if we want to. We don't very often, but sometimes it's awesome to jump up and snuggle next to Mum and Dad!

    Puppy love from Monty, Pirate, and Lucky

  2. lol, it could be worse, my Kirra likes to bury a pigs ear under the pillows.

    Me, thinks she has been watching too much of the Godfather.

    Luv the photo.