Sunday, 20 March 2011

It's a neighbourhood block party!

Fast forward to Weds, March 16.. our first sunny day since weeks of rain!
Let's see who is out and about!

Meet Billy, the Boston Terrier!

What a handsome fella, you are!

The Pom-chi gals are chattting it up!
"That Billy makes out hearts swoon.. ahh <3"

Turner shows up just in time!
"Hey guys! Let's get this partyyyy started!"

But Turner's mommy has to go now - time for work!
"Aww Ma! I was just getting my flirt on with the ladies... :("

"Don't worry babe, I'll meet you by the tree tomorrow! ;)"

Turner to Billy "They're all yours buddy have fun with the girls!"

"Did someone mention girls??
I'm single and ready to mingle! :D"

While the boys scuffle it out, Pixie looks on, unimpressed.
"Yawwwn - what happened to old fashioned chivalry?
A nice chewbone and half your doggy treats would be nice.. "

Lookie - it's Splash! "My licks will give ya whiplash!"

Coco, Pixie and Ellie.
The girls' gossip corner..*giggle, giggle*.
"What's that new scent you've got on??"
"Chanel no.5!"

This is Meimei.. she's a bit shy.. but a real sweetheart!

And last but not least... Bubbah!
Keeping an eye out for squirrels :)
Enjoy the sunshine everyone - see you all next time!

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