Tuesday, 23 April 2013

We are back.... meet Gizmo!!

Oh my goodness! It has been forever since our last post and we miss you all so much!!

We are hoping to continue our adventures again and especially with warmer weather....more playtime outdoors!

First off... let me introduce you to our new member of the family, happy go lucky, Gizmo!! Our newly adopted rescue CKCS
The moment we saw Gizmo, our hearts melted..he is such a happy little boy, full of wags and licks and just gorgeous - one look at his big puppy dog eyes, how could you not fall in love?!

Gizmo, 1 yrs old - a roadtrip to his new home!

Ellie, being the B&T spoiled princess that she is, was suuuuper miffed in the beginning.. it took a week to slowly let her guard down and allow Gizmo into her space.

"This is my couch!!  Go on, pack yer bags and get on outta here!"
After a few more weeks, finally realizing that Gizmo wasn't just a temporary house guest, she began to get more curious and start play barking and engaging with Gizmo.  (Yay!) And our little boy also started coming out of his shell and adjusting to her style of play ;) They take turns chasing each other and sometimes they turn the place into a circus!

Sleepyhead... anywhere and everywhere!

...More to come! Can't wait to see what kind of trouble they will get into next.. ;)