Thursday, 21 April 2011

A little break :)

It is me, Ellie here!  Mummy is packing and getting ready for the weekend in Victoria.. so this means...I'm going to Grandpa's all weekend! Lotsa playtime and extra treats, yippeee!

Mummy sent me to the groomer's for a bath and tidy yesterday.. so now I'm lookin' clean and pretty! A girl's gotta get pampered.. especially meee ~ I help Mummy out LOTS around the house and at the office... yeppy yep! All this following Mummy around gets my wee leggies a workout!

So I'm just gonna stretch out and take it easy now! We'll see you all back on Monday :) :)
Have a hoppy Easter everybuddy!

Lotsa Luvvies,

Ellie Bellie <3

Sunday, 17 April 2011

The Playoffs are Here!

While we are eagerly waiting to watch Game 3 of the Round 1 Stanley Cup Playoffs, the dogs are out and about getting their hockey play on too!

Duke warms up by doing some
leg stretches on a handy post nearby :)

Next, the dogs have their lucky pre-game rituals:
Duke likes to do a few pushups...tongue pushups that is!
"And a 1, and a 2. and a..phew this is harder than it looks!"
Similarly, Ellie likes to do tongue curls..
"Sluuurrp.. my tongue is flexy!"
Finally, it's the opening face off! Lola vs Ellie..

Molson comes in from the offense...
Lola is too quick! She dodges out of reaaach!
The referee (in red) tries to break up a scuffle
between two players.
All the players are crowding around the ball:
"Where did it go, where is it ..where is it??!"
Coach Dad finally calls the players in for Time Out:
"Okay guys - I don't know what's going on out there..
Quite frankly.. I see you all
running around chasing the ball..but if we wanna score,
we gotta work together.. and work as a team!"
Dogs in unison:
"Well said, Dad.. I mean.. Coach!"
So the team continues on in good spirit!

The final whistle blows, and it's a 1-1 TIE GAME!!
Congrats to all the doggies who participated!

Here are a few snippets of the after game interviews:

Oona, the Captain of the Canine 'Nucks weighs in:
"Well... it was a really close game. Both teams played
their best and-wait a sec!
Can you get in closer for a nice profile.."
"Now that's better!... Where was I.. yes we had the momentum
going, but it was a tough game! Good effort from both ends!"
And Molson on behalf of Canine 'Nucks:
"All I can say is we're gonna take it one game at a time..
One game at a time."
And Ellie, any final thoughts on today's game?
Nom nom nom!"

And there you have it folks - the dogs have called it a day and are ready to celebrate a good game with some yummy grub and a lonnnnnng nap! Yappy nappy~

Friday, 15 April 2011

Weekend update!

Hiyoo! It's been a busy week, but we havn't forgotten to share what's been goin' on :)

The CKCS BC Specialty show was last week, and we were so excited to see everyone!
Too bad for Ellie though.... no pet dogs allowed! :(

"Waaaah! No fair... I want in too!"

Lessee some shots we got of the show dogs while standing in the sidelines...bundles and bundles of Blenheims, a sprinkle of B&T's and a dash of Ruby Cavvies...and of course, a trickle of Tri's too!:

But don't worry Ellie! Mummy got you lotsa Chris Christensen goodies.. shampoo, conditioner..all the works to make u look super great!! But as you can see, she was not a happy camper after a few hours in the car.....

"Hrmmph! You betta make this up to me with
lotsa huggles and treats! Esp the treats!!!"

My my... that little Ellie - she always gets her way..looking forward to more park time this weekend!  Have a happy Friday everyone!!

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

The more the merrier....@ Malvern Park!

We had a great turnout with the little dogs @ Malvern Park on Sunday.
Dogs in attendance:
Mohito, Tequila, Libby, Nala, Paris, Ayla,
Henrik, Dempster, Popcorn, Paz, Biko and Ellie

The adventure starts here!
Ellie: "Hurry, hurry!
We gotta meet up with the rest of the pack!"
Ayla is all cozy in her sweater! :)
Hello Biko!
Nala and Libby!
They have such cute resemblance to
Lion King's Simba and Nala :)

Mohito and Tequila - best buddies!
"Hey! Have you been drinking?!"
"Naaaw.. I'm just drunk on life!"
Paris shows up in style!

Henrik comes up from behind!
"Wait for me!"

Hmmm... where are we??!
It's ok - Henrik has a plan!
"I'll ask for directions! Hello ~ have you seen my Mummy?"

"Help! Help!
We're lost, we're lost, help us!"

Yay! It's Dempster to the rescue~
"Don't worry guys! I'm coming to save you!"

Henrik: "Phew! That was a close one!
I thought I lost you guys!"
Ayla: "Don't run off like that again! D:"

Biko: "Glad to have you all back! You had me really worried!"

Henrik "Heya! Whoa is that alcohol? Isn't it a little early..??"
T & M: "Noo maaaan..drunk on I say!"

Tequila: "I think they bought it"
Mohito: "Yep yep..heh heh heh"

Popcorn: "Hey guys, let's collect some firewood and make a campfire!"

Dempster: "Right on!
Let's collect stuff - umm will this ball work?"

Popcorn: "No silly.. you collect branches and sticks! Like this one!"

Paz: "Ahhh okay - I'll supervise from here!"

"Wait a minute.. nobody is building a campsite..
How come everyone is throwing the sticks around??!"
No need for campfire -
Nala and Libby will keep their Mummy warm instead!

Henrik: "Check out my strong legs!
I skate fast and score lotsa goals.....
Er..I mean I run fast and score lotsa treats!"

So good looking, Henrik! <3
"Of course! I take after hockey player, Henrik Sedin!

Dempster: "Fetching the ball is tiring! *Pant pant*"
"Don't mind me! I'm just gonna chillax in the corner here!"

See you all next time - the adventure continues!!