Monday, 21 March 2011

A romp in the park

Just when we were getting used to some sunshine, we get rain again! :(
Oh well..let's look back on the weekend!
What a goof.
"Khahahaha..ish my stick now!"

Easy, breezy, beautiful..
("Nuh-uh, don't finish the sentence!! I aint no cover grrrrl!")
Wha?!! Look closely at the bushes...
Is it a ghost dog? A stalker dog?
"Is that dog over there bothering you, ladies?"
"Don't worry, we are the very imprt park patrol police guys..
Ya see him alot, we call em 'squatters'.. we'll take care of him for ya!"

"You guys saved me from danger! <3! 
Here, you can have my stick..
mmm wait, I take that back!"
I'll serenade instead! "Baby I can see your haaalo...
You know you're my saaaving graaaaaace!"
(Nohhh.. that Beyonce song is stuck in my head! >.<!)

1 comment:

  1. lol, wonderful and loved viewing all of them including the captions lol.

    A great way to start the weekend, enjoy and hopefully the sunshine will appear.