Sunday, 27 March 2011

Nature Trails - the Remix!

Ok, got your snackmix ready? Munchies, check!
And don't forget the kibble treats!
Let's see what kinda shenanigans Ellie got into this weekend!

The Malvern Off-leash trail park - Burnaby, BC
(Located on Imperial St and Morley Drive)

Ellie leads the way while Mommy's left behind in the dust.

"Why.. hello! Glad you finally caught up. 
Took you longggg enough, Mum!"

Oh look! It's the very imprt park patrol police guys again!
"Hey lil missy - you should not talk to your Mother like that.
If I catch you again...."
Ellie: "Eeps! Yes Officer!! I'll be good, I promise!"

"Ok fine - I don't want the police guys to scare me again...
I'll go where you wanna go, Mum!"

Thatta girl Ellie! Let's go to the creek for a drink.
"Are you sure about this?! Doesn't look so safe..."

"Eeek! I'm slippiiiiing!! OMG-omg-omg-OMG!!!"

"Now I'm stuck and I can't get out!
I hate you, I hate you, why did you take me here!
..Whaaaaahh!!! :("


"Phew, I made it out! *Sniffles*
I'm so..b-brave! *Sniff*

..I laugh in the face of danger!! ha, ha, ha"

"Check out my Lion King pose!
Just like Simba, see?!"


Alright, good try..not bad, not bad! 
But I think you look more like....

 ...The MGM LION! Rawwwr!

"And lastly....
" Dumbo the Elephant impression!"

Spot on Ellie Bellie!! Weeee!


  1. Oh my your post really made me laugh. I think the Dumbo ear comparison was perfect. Your Cavalier is adorable - I would be partial to b/t's myself ;)

  2. Hello Ellie and mom, thank you so much for your pawprint on our guestbook. We're very happy to meet you, another Cavalier blogger! We'll love to add your name to our Cav friends list. Hope it's ok with you!

    Your Simba and Dumbo photos made us smile!! So cute!

    Momo & Pinot