Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Lovey Dovey

Do you miss Toby yet? We sure do! Thanks to such a fun weekend with doggies and friends, the idea of another dog is getting so tempting.. ohh we're just going to have to steal Toby more often ;)
The end of the weekend meant we had to cherish every precious minute with Toby!

Here are some of my favorite moments:
Zoom zoom.. zoomies back and forth in the garden!
"Last one to Mommy is a rotten milkbone.. kekeke!" - Ellie
"No faiiiir.. you had a head start!" - Toby
Mee-rawr! Titan, the neighbourhood cat makes an appearance!
"Na-na-na-na-boo booo! You can't get me!" - Toby
"What? I find thorny bushes quite comfy!"
Could this be a peace offering?!
Ellie shares her stick with Toby! <3

A big change of heart from Ellie since the first day they met. Let's look back at her initial reaction:
"Hi, I'm Toby!!" - Toby
"Hi, I'm.. not interested. Yawn."
- Ellie

Ouch! But of course, Toby keeps persisting and persisting ..reject after reject and no matter what.. still trying.. until finally finally finally, Ellie gets smitten...
Smooooch.... <3

Awww..don't you just love a happy ending to a happy weekend!

Sunday, 7 August 2011

Furry friend weekend!

Introducing... Toby, the 5-month old Goldendoodle!  We had the privilege to dog-sit our friend's dog for the weekend.  And boy oh boy.. did we ever have fun!!

Ellie was totally miffed in the beginning - What?! A new dog playing with her toys and using her stuff! How dare he?!
Eventually she came around and started to play.  He's a bubbly lil puppy, so when he pounces to play, and she's in no mood.. she'll glare at him and tell him off.  Yup, she lets him know who's boss!

On Saturday, we took the dogs out to Harbourside Park in North Vancouver, and Ellie's childhood buddy came along as well!

Meet Kuma, the 1.5 year old Shiba Inu! Ellie and Kuma are a week apart in age, so they grew up together from the very beginning. :)

Kuma, Toby and Ellie (with a summer haircut, lol)
Wow! Toby, you grew fast!! What are we feeding you?? :0
Just kidding! That was Charlie (left) at  9 months, also a Goldendoodle :)
You still have time to catch up, Tobes!

Shuffle and sniffle!
"Woohooo!! Time to get wet!!!
Now I can fish for some sticks..."
Kuma and Toby gets in on the action!
Kuma: "I've got a sense something is coming..."
"My spidey-senses are tingling..!!"
Ellie: "Look Kuma! I hit the jackpot!!"
Kuma: "Whoaa my senses were right, good catch!"
Kuma: "Sorry bud, we got dibs on the big stick.
Better luck next time!"
As we were leaving, we caught sight of a gorgeous Cavalier!
This is Daisy, the Tri-Color Cavalier at 8 years young :)
What a sweet gal, so beautiful! <3

Now who's ready for a rinse down?? It's everybody's favourite - bath time! ;-)
Ellie and Toby:
*grumble, grumble*

And the fun continues... more to come!

Saturday, 6 August 2011

Dog days of summer

How's everyone's summer so far? We're loving the hot days and the breeze that comes with it!

On road trips, Ellie loves sticking her head out the window to catch some of the breeze ;)
Last weekend, we took Saturday off to drive across the US border towards Seattle, WA. 
This time, Ellie was excited to join on this adventure, lol. 
("FINALLY! About time I get some fun too!" She quips in)

A beautiful leisurely stroll along Olympic Sculpture Park and Myrtle Edwards Park..

"I want to go fishing.... for sticks!"
"Yay, shade!! Pant, pant.. it's a hot dog day!"

And for some grub, we headed to Norm's Eatery & Ale House.  Not only is it pet-friendly, but you can bring your dogs right into the restaurant! There were dogs of all sizes sitting quietly with their human companions, while they enjoyed their meal. 
Ellie took a nap under our table until we finished the gravy smothered fries and hot wings. Mm!
"Where's my foodz?!" :(

WE LOVE SEATTLE! Thank you for being a pet-loving city! :) <3