Sunday, 17 July 2011

We've missed you, Blogger friends!

June flew by so quick - we were having too much fun enjoying the sun and spending more time outdoors. I was also in Las Vegas for a few days for my good friend's bachlorette party, the first of our girlfriends to get married! We are so excited, her wedding in September is just around the corner!

Now fast forward to July, we are finally getting back into the swing of things..

First off, my boyfriend's family dog, Mindy, just turned 14 years young on July 4th! Mindy is a Shiba/Husky cross.  She has so much energy and zest, the neighbours still think of her as a young pup.

Birthday huggles & kisses to you, Mindy!

Next, let me introduce you to Ellie's boyfriend.. or rather her super cute boy crush.. Toby, the Pomeranian!  He is the most adorable puff ball you've ever seen, and Ellie will follow him lovesick until he gives her his undivided attention!

Caught in the act! It's the canoodling monsters <3

We found a new offleash spot - Everett Crowley Park. It is located between SE Marine Drive and 63rd Ave, on Kerr street.
Offleash areas in yellow! :)
If you havn't been, I totally recommend it!  If your dog is like my Ellie, who gets really shy at small offleash enclosures because of all the hyper dogs, you'll love it because you get to enjoy a non-intrusive walk and lots of quiet time to take in the scenery around you. :)

Even on a hot 23 degrees day, we had plenty of shade with all the trees surrounding the park.
And all the wide offleash trails (100 acres!) for exploring made Ellie a happy camper by the end of the day. She had a blast tearing up the trails, meeting new dogs and even had a chance to stop by the pond to chat with the ducks ;)
"Howl-oooo~ Mumma duck and ducklings! Ruff!"

"Wha?! We're leaving already??
But I wanted to get a dip in the waterrrr..."

Now time for us to catch up on our blog reading ;)
Good night and sleep tight! <3
Smoochie woochies! Zzzz..