Friday, 15 April 2011

Weekend update!

Hiyoo! It's been a busy week, but we havn't forgotten to share what's been goin' on :)

The CKCS BC Specialty show was last week, and we were so excited to see everyone!
Too bad for Ellie though.... no pet dogs allowed! :(

"Waaaah! No fair... I want in too!"

Lessee some shots we got of the show dogs while standing in the sidelines...bundles and bundles of Blenheims, a sprinkle of B&T's and a dash of Ruby Cavvies...and of course, a trickle of Tri's too!:

But don't worry Ellie! Mummy got you lotsa Chris Christensen goodies.. shampoo, conditioner..all the works to make u look super great!! But as you can see, she was not a happy camper after a few hours in the car.....

"Hrmmph! You betta make this up to me with
lotsa huggles and treats! Esp the treats!!!"

My my... that little Ellie - she always gets her way..looking forward to more park time this weekend!  Have a happy Friday everyone!!

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  1. Glad to hear you enjoyed the show! Loved seeing the pictures. I wanted to go but it was a bit far for us to go this year with the timing of it being in April, maybe we'll make it next year for Saskatoon!