Tuesday, 5 April 2011

The more the merrier....@ Malvern Park!

We had a great turnout with the little dogs @ Malvern Park on Sunday.
Dogs in attendance:
Mohito, Tequila, Libby, Nala, Paris, Ayla,
Henrik, Dempster, Popcorn, Paz, Biko and Ellie

The adventure starts here!
Ellie: "Hurry, hurry!
We gotta meet up with the rest of the pack!"
Ayla is all cozy in her sweater! :)
Hello Biko!
Nala and Libby!
They have such cute resemblance to
Lion King's Simba and Nala :)

Mohito and Tequila - best buddies!
"Hey! Have you been drinking?!"
"Naaaw.. I'm just drunk on life!"
Paris shows up in style!

Henrik comes up from behind!
"Wait for me!"

Hmmm... where are we??!
It's ok - Henrik has a plan!
"I'll ask for directions! Hello ~ have you seen my Mummy?"

"Help! Help!
We're lost, we're lost, help us!"

Yay! It's Dempster to the rescue~
"Don't worry guys! I'm coming to save you!"

Henrik: "Phew! That was a close one!
I thought I lost you guys!"
Ayla: "Don't run off like that again! D:"

Biko: "Glad to have you all back! You had me really worried!"

Henrik "Heya! Whoa is that alcohol? Isn't it a little early..??"
T & M: "Noo maaaan..drunk on life..life I say!"

Tequila: "I think they bought it"
Mohito: "Yep yep..heh heh heh"

Popcorn: "Hey guys, let's collect some firewood and make a campfire!"

Dempster: "Right on!
Let's collect stuff - umm will this ball work?"

Popcorn: "No silly.. you collect branches and sticks! Like this one!"

Paz: "Ahhh okay - I'll supervise from here!"

"Wait a minute.. nobody is building a campsite..
How come everyone is throwing the sticks around??!"
No need for campfire -
Nala and Libby will keep their Mummy warm instead!

Henrik: "Check out my strong legs!
I skate fast and score lotsa goals.....
Er..I mean I run fast and score lotsa treats!"

So good looking, Henrik! <3
"Of course! I take after hockey player, Henrik Sedin!

Dempster: "Fetching the ball is tiring! *Pant pant*"
"Don't mind me! I'm just gonna chillax in the corner here!"

See you all next time - the adventure continues!!


  1. Going to have to watch your babies closely :-) xxx

  2. Hello! These photos turned out great! Especially the first one of Ellie. :)

    I have to ask a favour. Would you be kind enough to email me the photos of Popcorn? We hardly have any good photos of her, she moves too fast for our camera to catch! My email address is Nancy_021@hotmail.com. It would be very appreciated!

    Thanks and I really hope to see you and Ellie at another meetup! :D