Thursday, 21 April 2011

A little break :)

It is me, Ellie here!  Mummy is packing and getting ready for the weekend in Victoria.. so this means...I'm going to Grandpa's all weekend! Lotsa playtime and extra treats, yippeee!

Mummy sent me to the groomer's for a bath and tidy yesterday.. so now I'm lookin' clean and pretty! A girl's gotta get pampered.. especially meee ~ I help Mummy out LOTS around the house and at the office... yeppy yep! All this following Mummy around gets my wee leggies a workout!

So I'm just gonna stretch out and take it easy now! We'll see you all back on Monday :) :)
Have a hoppy Easter everybuddy!

Lotsa Luvvies,

Ellie Bellie <3


  1. Hope you had a lovely weekend getting spoiled, that's a great photo, nice to meet you, Dex & Louis x

  2. Ah, bless those paws, hope you had a great Easter. I slept through it all too :-)
    Lots of luv AMIE SOTO BLOSSOM
    :-) and Co. X

  3. Thanks for stopping by our blog. It's great to "meet" you.