Saturday, 1 October 2011

Life Rules!

Harrow!! Miss Ellie here!
I have sneaked into Mummy's computer again, hehehe!
I'm going to take over today's blog post! Here we gooo..

Ten Rules to a Happy Dog Life!

10)  Entertain
Trust me on this one, my furry friends :O! 
I discovered that the humans will pat you more and give you more treatz if you do those funny moves.
Hehehe.. mmm..anything for the snackies! :P~~

9)  Eat your veggies!
I love grass!! They are my fav munchies after breakfast and dinner!
Good for my tummy aches and poopoo troubles :X

8)  Break the rules (sometimes..keke)
Ok, I'm a good little girl, like 99% of the time..
but sometimes it's okay if we doggies get a little wild,
as long as we don't get too carried away, right right?
Here I am sneaking away and trying to find bones in the little bushes..
but shhh don't tell my Mummy! :O

I told her I went for a little washroom break 0:)

7)  Be Brave
Weird stuff and big things are scary. 
Don't run away.. face your fear!
I'm no scaredy butt..but I gotta proceed with caution.
A few barks and batting your paw will teach them who's boss!
I got over my fear of this thing called plastic water bottles..
I'm a big girl now, har!

6)  Play
Always be ready for a game of fetch. 
The humans are funny hehe..
They throw the ball and I catch it
Then I make them chase me for it
... and they do it everytime! Gawwhaha!

5)  Be Sassy
I'm all about being obedient, but sometimes the humans push us too far..
Expect too much tricks n stuff. 
That's when I say enough is enough, and I pull a raspberry and a flip of a paw. Psch!
(But careful my friends, too much sassy might get you into trouble.. so don't cross your mums & dads, k?)

4)  Clean
I know, I know. Bath time is not the funnest.
But after bath time means more snuggies on the couch, the bed, huggles all around, and *sniff sniff* I smells good!
Plus lotsa zoomies around the house after.. woot woot!

3)  Find your Zen
Close your eyes.
Take in a deep breath, and let it alllllll out.
SIGH, Ahhhh.
Repeat 10x throughout the day.  Stay relaxed guys!

2)  Smile :D
The biggest goofiest smile always wins, hands down.
Even the grumpiest gramps can't stay mad at me. :)

And finally...

1) LOVE <3

Love love love and more love! Even when you think its enuff, stay and give more licks & snuggles <3
I love my Mummy! And my Mummy luvvs meee :-)

Eep! Mums caught me!
Bye bye for now..until next time!!


  1. I'm going to aspire to be just like you :-)
    lots of luvs Freya Rose Blossom X

  2. Love it all!!! But #5 is definitely my favorite.

  3. High Five, Ellie!!! Cute post with full of cute photos!! Look at your paw! :)

    Momo & Pinot