Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Lovey Dovey

Do you miss Toby yet? We sure do! Thanks to such a fun weekend with doggies and friends, the idea of another dog is getting so tempting.. ohh we're just going to have to steal Toby more often ;)
The end of the weekend meant we had to cherish every precious minute with Toby!

Here are some of my favorite moments:
Zoom zoom.. zoomies back and forth in the garden!
"Last one to Mommy is a rotten milkbone.. kekeke!" - Ellie
"No faiiiir.. you had a head start!" - Toby
Mee-rawr! Titan, the neighbourhood cat makes an appearance!
"Na-na-na-na-boo booo! You can't get me!" - Toby
"What? I find thorny bushes quite comfy!"
Could this be a peace offering?!
Ellie shares her stick with Toby! <3

A big change of heart from Ellie since the first day they met. Let's look back at her initial reaction:
"Hi, I'm Toby!!" - Toby
"Hi, I'm.. not interested. Yawn."
- Ellie

Ouch! But of course, Toby keeps persisting and persisting ..reject after reject and no matter what.. still trying.. until finally finally finally, Ellie gets smitten...
Smooooch.... <3

Awww..don't you just love a happy ending to a happy weekend!


  1. that seems like an amazing day!

  2. They look like they play well together. I think I love having two dogs - they keep each other company. The only downside is popping 2 in the car is more work but not enough bother to stop me! Great photos.

  3. Great looking pics there. :-) Happy happy days :-) x x x